Beautiful Flaws

Looks can be deceiving. Even though a lot of people know the quote “don’t judge a book by its cover”, only a few actually live by it. It is hard to admit but we live in a society based on appearance. I am not going to sit here and lie to you about how I am okay with being ugly, and that I don’t care about my looks. I do, and you do. No one, no matter what, want to be inferior looking, therefore because of this, life is often not fair. Take for example a young beautiful girl that speed drove through a red light. The officer will stop her, and it will only take her an “I’m sorry officer” to be back on her way. Now the same situation, but with a different protagonist. A mid-age immigrant speed drives through a red light leading to him to be deported and lose his job. There really is no point on arguing about it. We are human, and we commit these injustices. My position here isn’t to judge society, and to insult people, but I do want to teach you what I believe is true beauty. My friend Giovanna is a beautiful person. She is a truly beauty person. Not because she has blond hair, and perfect white skin, those things she got from a coincidental genetic lottery. Giovy is a beautiful person because she is in peace with her soul, and her surroundings. She is the type of person who doesn’t need clothes or makeup to feel content with herself. She accepts herself the way she is and she finds her flaws to be what make her unique. You might be thinking, well she is a pretty girl, so accepting herself is easy, however that isn’t thetumblr_mcgoankUZ01ram0tfo1_500 case. You would be surprised on how many of the people we find to be beautiful and perfect actually have problems with their self esteem, and image. I am not the best person to talk about this because I am not totally confident with my image, but the process of learning to love myself has taught me a lot. Gisele Butchen is today the highest paying model in the world. She word for the same agency that I currently work for in Brazil. Although today she is a high paid model, one of the photographers once told me Gisele was just a skinny girl that people said couldn’t be a model because of her big nose. Today her big nose is what makes her different from all the other girls. I am not perfect. I am a 5ft 11 girl that has a baby face, and a torso that is technically too long for my legs. But these things are what make me who I am. Everyone has different standards of beauty, and my standard of beauty is being unique. Maybe its my baby face that will actually be successful, and not some slim model face. But above all I think beauty is peace. I am not a beautiful person, at least not now. I will consider myself a totally beautiful person the day that I am in peace with myself, and how I look. It might take a few days, maybe a few months, maybe a few year. Either way, I will do it the right way. I am gonna have patience with myself, and embrace my flaws, because they are what make me unique.

The (not so little) Black Dress





The day we met. Me to the far left(notice my LBD), beside me my cousin Lara, Middle is Bernard, Far right is my cousin Gioa

I think the little black dress is honestly an underestimated trend. As a child I was immersed by the world of fashion, and all the culture that lives behind it. My grandmother, Maria Antonieta is a very well known designer in Brazil, therefore it means that, she taught me all that I know about this empire. And yes, she indeed taught me well. The little black dress is today, perhaps, considered a women’s essential outfit. Its a must have. But why? It is fascinating to me that such a simple concept became so famous, and worldwide known. Coco Channel (my personal favorite fashion icon) was the one responsible for the fame of the little black dress. She obviously didn’t create the concept. The little black dress became the face of the future in 1926, when American vogue published a drawing of one of Channels designs. It was an apparently simple yet elegant sheath, in black crêpe de Chine, with long, narrow sleeves, worn with a string of white pearls; and Vogue proved to be correct in the prediction that it would become a uniform. And today when a girl dosen’t know what to wear, she always relies on the little black dress. There is no way to go wrong. So today I am going to teach you guys something. Less is more. Take that phrase to heart when it comes to getting dressed. There is something my grandmother always tells me, that I believe she learned from Coco Channel, and now I will share with you. “Before going out, always look in the mirror, and take one unnecessary thing out from your outfit.” The reason for that is because there is something so chique and sophisticated about just a simple black dress, and heels, paired with a nice tailored blazer. And to prove my point I am actually going to share a personal story that “changed my life”. Recently in Brazil, there was the final team convocation for the players that will be playing in the Fifa world cup 2014, and the cup of confederations. In Brazil this is a big deal. If you are a player, and you are called to play in the national team, it means you made it big. Now why are we talking about soccer in the middle of a fashion article?  You are about to find out. There is a new player that was called for the national team, and the entire country has huge expectations for his performance in the cup. His name is Bernard Anício Caldeira Duarte, and he happens one of my best friends. And believe it or not, the day we met I was wearing a little black dress. He knows my cousins so he approached me in a family party, that we both attended. At one point in the conversation I asked him, why out of all the girls in that party, he was talking to me. I was one of the youngest, and I was not nearly as pretty as any of the other ones. Then he replied something like, “I am always surrounded by girls trying to impress me, and there is something about your simplicity that I really like. The fact that you aren’t over powered by makeup and clothes shows me you are more than just a pretty face.” Today he is still one of my best friends and he always jokes around with my dad saying that he will wait for me and marry me one day. Well, he is gonna have to wait a long time. But my entire point is, no matter your size, eye color, hair type, or occasion, the little black dress always does the trick.

My Ocean, My Mind

Red: simple

Blue: compound

Orange: Complex

Green: Compound complex

The ocean. A concept we humans think we understand, but we truly do not. Its beautiful color, and the way it perfectly blends with the sun has become the most common background for love scenes in movies. Sometimes when you have things too easy we take them for granted. People that live on the beach don’t realize the treasure they have standing right in front of them. The ocean is mysterious and dark in the most fascinating ways anyone’s mind could ever think of. No one truly understands why the ocean is here, and why its tides work the way they do. The only thing we are sure of is that it does work, and even though sometimes it might seem like a monster, it still manages to keep our kind alive. To me the ocean is in so many ways similar to human minds. There are dark places inside of it that we have never explored, and don’t want to because we are fragile and scared. The fact that we have no control over it might seem like something terrible, but a lot of times it can result in beautiful things. The ocean. One of the most magnificent things we will ever see, but still one of the most terrifying. If you spend too long out at sea, away from land, you might start to think that the ocean has a life of its own. To tell you the truth, I believe it does. Not a life as in a living, breathing creature, but a life as in the ability to change things, and people. It changes things like the way it hits the shore and shapes it in an abstract way. It changes people, because it makes us think about something bigger than us, something too powerful for our minds to grab. Looking at the ocean opens doors to our imagination. Looking at the way it beautifully flows makes us think how lucky we are to live in this planet. The ocean has a way of being always in sync, and never out of rhythm. But just like us humans, the ocean doesn’t work alone. Behind every successful man there is a strong woman. That is how I think of the ocean and the land. They work as a team. The things they do together requires a great amount of chemistry, which I wish I had with someone. And we might not notice this, but just like our parents, the ocean and land are constantly working to make our life better. With their team work they create the perfect balance, making the earth stable so we can survive in it. The ocean. The ocean is the most glorious force in the universe. It is strong enough to move mountains and it is soft enough to create breathe taking beauty. The ocean is our most valuable thing. It’s the earth’s 3D painting. If we learn how to treat it right, and respect its nature, human kind will be grand. The ocean. It is the perfect balance of rage, power, and grace. Sometimes I wish I was like the Ocean.

Compound- 5 Complex-14 Simple-12 compound complex-2

To be honest this was a very hard experience for me. In my old school my teachers never taught us this. We just concentrated on creating good essays, in the right form. We did learn a bit of sentences this year, but it’s still very confusing. Im glad for the lessons and help Ms. Rumford has given me because I based all of my work off of that. I tried my best to look at notes and look online. For what I have identified I apparently write a lot complex sentences. I also right a lot of simple sentences. I write some compound, and a bit of compound complex. I think I write a lot of complex sentences and simple sentences because I pair them up. I like to make a sentence a little longer and more detailed and follow it by a simple straight to he point sentence. I barely write any compound complex. I naturally write complex sentences. For me to become a better writer I will have to learn more about types of sentences. I think when I’m writing I got to another place. I don’t like to stop and think much about what I’m doing. I try to let go and write the thought that comes to mind in a beautiful way for others to read. I don’t think it’s good habit though, because only having a few types of sentences often will make my essays sound flat. I will try to learn and understand sentences more, and when I do I will try to incorporate different types of sentences to my writing. Its important to have knowledge of sentences before I start thinking which ones I should write.


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Hip-Hop Princess (Commas)


This is actually a very simple picture, but if you think about it, there is a lot more to it than the eye can see. Talent is something that people can’t discuss, it’s one of those things that’s a lot more powerful than us.(#1) When someone is talented it doesn’t matter where they are, or what tools they use. They will perform it in such a beautiful matter, it might bring tear to your eyes. This picture speaks to me because I know I have a talent, and yesterday I was prohibited to perform it. To explain this better I will start by telling you guys, the story of my life. (#3) Little Victoria was born on January 5th, 1999. I was the family’s first child, and first grandchild. Since then my family has done everything they could to make me a princess. (#2)Ballet classes, drawing, etiquette, cooking, writing, and many more you would never even imagine. I had never objected to anything. I listened to my parents, and did what was asked of me. I attend a tennis class every other day, because my mother thinks it’s a game of the elite society. But yesterday at exactly 4:16 pm, things changed. My best friend called me, and invited me to go with her to a hip-hop class. I have never felt so free in all of my life. I just danced, and let all the pain be reflected on my movements. I was so happy, and I thought all I had to do than was notify my parents, I was going to switch tennis to hip-hop. I was mistaken, and my parents freaked out.  They said I was a princess, and princesses do not dance a street dance. I went to my room and cried for hours and hours. All I wanted to do was dance, and this opportunity came and was gone in the blink of an eye. When I came across this picture this morning, all I could think was, “how can they not let me do the only thing that makes me happy? The only thing I am talented at?” Until now I don’t have the answers to these questions. Since the incident all I have done is practiced the few moves I learned, in the mirror, and stayed completely silent in the presence of my parents. Not speaking to my parents is painful, but my passion and urge to dance is one hundred times stronger.


#1) Place a comma before a coordinating conjunction joining two independent clauses. (definitions: coordinating conjunction is and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet; independent clause is a group of words that can stand alone as a sentence)

#2)In a series of three or more terms with a conjunction, use a comma after each term except the last. Although some sources say to omit the comma before and, it is best to include it to ensure clarity.

#3)By convention, use commas around the state name in an address given in text. Use commas also around the year when giving a date in text following the month/day/year sequence.

Fact Time

Did you know?

Street performance dates back to antiquity, and occurs all over the world.


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Love Locks (Vocab words)

Paris is a romantic city. The architecture, the lights, the food, the language; it’s hard to deny that this city is a place for love. I was dubious about writing this in the first place because this can be a very delicate subject for some people. But the picture spoke to me and I had to express my point of view in it. The picture above is one of the most famous ways couples find to express their love in Paris. Love locks is when two people are so passionate about what they feel that they need a way of representing it as something that will never break. Couples will use a padlock, and write their names in it, and will lock it to the bridge. If the couple is committing to everlasting love, they will throw the key in the river as sign that their feelings will never be broken. They sit there in the bridge, and watch as the key is immersed by the waters as if it’s some kind of baptism of their love. Other couples prefer to just keep the key, and pass it on to their children. Now, you might be asking why this picture speaks to me. After all I am just a fourteen year old girl, who has never experienced such a feeling. The difference between us teenagers and adults is that, we have hope. We’ve seen it in movies, and books, this idea of finding someone who you would be willing to give your life for. All of us whether we like to admit it or not, have imagined ourselves in the future, being happy with someone who completes us. We want to feel the need to get up every morning, just to see the face of that especial person. The best things in life are gratis, and as cheesy as this phrase is, it’s true.  I believe that when we become adults, we lose this idea of a fairytale love. And I pity those adults who don’t have the ability of feeling what we teenager, and children feel. Most people get married and have kids because that is the way things are supposed to work, not because they actually want to spend the rest of their lives with that person. Don’t get me wrong here, I know there is true love out there in the world, but we just can’t distinguish it anymore. A lot of times when my parents talk about divorce I wonder if they even remember what made them get married in the first place.  It feels like they are slowly dissipating away from each other. Their lapse of affection is slowly and gradually becoming a daily thing. It’s almost as if they are ignorant to the fact that just like an old oak tree, their love is slowly dying. Could it be that easy to forget? The passion they felt in the first place was so strong; it’s hard to believe its fading. But I am a believer of the idea of reconcile, and I think there is still a spark deep inside their hearts. The reason that I chose to talk about love is even though my parent’s story wasn’t the best, I have seen love around the world, and I want the same thing for me. I have hope of one day when I’m old, waking up and looking at my beautiful, amiable, loved one and feeling the same way I felt the day that I first saw him. I want us to have that tacit ability, when words won’t be needed to express what we feel. A  love that will be so strong, people around will almost feel like it’s palpable. I Have hope of that feeling inside of us staying alive forever.


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